Sunday, 25 September 2016

10 Interior design ideas to get you started with your next project

When inspiration strikes, you just cannot spend another day with those sun-faded drapes, the sagging old sofa, the tattered wallpaper or the paint-chipped cabinets. It takes a lot of work to redecorate a space, from visiting hardware or lifestyle stores to looking up the internet. While, some of us may have a great inspirational idea for interior design, we would not necessarily have the skills and experience to put it all together. This is where the professional interior designers come into play. They can listen to our ideas and merge them together to pull off a design suiting our aesthetic and functionality or practicality needs.

The interior design of a certain space can also, cut a hole in our pockets. It requires so many small things which ultimately add up to give a big impact. Choosing whether hardwood floors are comfortable or carpeting, whether new furniture is needed, also, having the walls painted or covered in wallpaper, lightings and fixtures and also, wall hangings and other accessories and accents for creating a better space. 
All of these can easily add up to a great amount of expenditure. But the following tips will ensure a great space without the expenditure.

1. Planning- Not enough stress can be put on how important is it to plan out and lay down your ideas on paper before starting to decorate especially when you are working on a tight budget. It is not the best course of action to buy that non-refundable dream sofa or that fabulous corner cabinet only to realise that you have no more money left for the rest of the plan. Or even to realise that the things you have bought would either not fit in the space or do not have the right shape or colour.

2. Reuse old things- With a little bit of investment and elbow grease, you can transform any piece of old furniture or ornament to give it a new vibe and look. This may not be as exciting as waiting for all the new things to assemble around your space but is totally doable and equally satisfying without spending a crazy amount of money.

3. Anchor with Furniture- When you are redecorating under a budget, the most important thing to do is prioritise the area you want to spend your money on. Buying furniture will ensure you get a bang for your buck.

4. Buy Furniture without Top coats or Varnishes or Buy Second-Hand - Pieces of furniture that are without top coats, varnishes, are unfinished or even second hand can easily save up a lot of money. Doing the varnishes or finishing off an unfinished furniture piece is cheaper than you thought and can save up a lot of money.

5. Add Pops of Colour- The biggest advantage in interior design is in knowing that colour is cheap, cheaper than having the same product in basics or neutrals. Colour can be added to the walls, cushion covers, flower arrangements, wall hangings or paintings or any other object of your preference.

6. Have a Minimalist Theme- Cultivate the habit of designing in a very minimalistic manner, which is actually very en vogue right now. Choosing the minimalistic path over the more ornate interior design options can save a lot of money, plus, this kind of decoration looks very sophisticated. 

7. Hiring an Intern or a Student Designer- Hiring a professional can be expensive. Therefore, when requiring help on the more professional side of the designing, a student or an intern is the best option as they will readily discount their prices for a glowing testimonial and a couple of pictures of the end design for their portfolio.

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