Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to prepare tower cranes for Shipping?

Heavy lifting is potentially possible due to gigantic machines that stand firm on grounds and are able to reach the heights, a normal human may find difficult to stair up. These machines work as per their coding standards and crucial is to understand how these are transported? Mishandling of any spare part can prove big losses and risk to human life. Below section gives a step by step overview about how a tower crane should be shipped.

Initially, figure out what type of vehicle is going to ship it, whether a RORO or a flat platform/rack. Now, understand the technical diagram of tower crane before you plunge out its heavy nuts & bolts. Note down the actual measurements of tower crane's weight, length, breadth & height. In a separate section note down the count of accessories each panel of the crane consists. Figure out what all accessories can be clubbed together for shipping like electrical panels and counterweights. Bubble wrap the delicate parts to avoid shock and conflict.  All accessories are required to be packed in boxes with appropriate labels and separate packets. Make sure before moving accessories in boxes, all packets are counted and settled in chronological order. You can take benefit of yard axels if your crane possesses else use a lower trailer for transportation according to crane's height. Yard axels is a low-cost means as it will help in the direct transfer of tower crane through port tractor. On the contrary, the lower trailer will pay a partial benefit because an additional crane will be required to unload tower crane at the destination site. Once the tower crane has been loaded, lashing comes into the picture. Strength tested chains and cables should be used to fasten the parts of the tower crane as a part of security feature.

Once the crane is loaded, cross-check the count of accessories boxes and stick these boxes with adhesives to avoid conflicts and falls. As a part of risk management, keep crane accessory parts extra to avoid any risks of lost parts or inoperable parts. Make sure there's no leakage in any of the parts and essentials lubricants are transported along with the tower crane. While loading the tower crane it should be at rest completely and no machine movement should be in the picture.

Tower Crane Rental in Dubai

Universum Heavylift Group is an experienced firm of tower crane rental in Dubai. We are well versed in activities like secure shipping, transportation, loading and unloading of tower cranes. We consider all security measures as per our strategic plan for immediate transfers of tower cranes.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Renting Lifts

When working on an activity site, peak can play a massive role in how you assault a specific venture. Managing tall projects on a task website online is one of the most not unusual and dangerous tasks there may be.  Whether your enterprise is creation, preservation, portray, or even trimming timber; you want to use a lift that makes you experience secure and relaxed.  Lifts are critical to elevate yourself and other workers to new heights and allowing them to accurately end their work.

Proudly owning lifts can be steeply-priced and useless depending on how frequently you discover yourself among big projects. Instead of placing a down charge on an expensive lift, try renting one. There are a ramification of lifts to pick from, every with its personal specific packages. Popular lifts you may lease out of your neighborhood supplier consist of scissor, boom, telehandler, and fabric. Scissor lifts are among the most extensively used lifts to move personnel and equipment in a vertical path. Those lifts are first-rate for painters and warehouses. Scissor lifts typically extend from 10-60 feet and run on four wheels. Additionally they function a notable alternative for scaffolding as they offer greater balance and protection. If you’re seeking out a more versatile raise then communicate in your rental supplier approximately snagging a boom carry. Nicknamed the ‘cherry picker,’ these lifts are available in a diffusion of sizes and can move in all directions. The finest benefit to renting a growth lift is its range of motion. Depending on the scale of the system growth lifts can make bigger as much as a hundred and eighty ft and offers a 360-diploma field of rotation. this could permit you to reach hard spots that scissor lifts and ladders can’t.  For more industrial and heavy obligation tasks, hire a telehandler elevate. Not like scissor and increase lifts, telehandler lifts are controlled by using operators at the bottom of the system versus the extension of the platform. 

Telehandlers are very similar to increase lifts, however can manage larger loading capacities up to ten,000 kilos. Given their length and characteristic telehandler lifts are greater difficult to move around, require adequate turning room, and mightn’t be manipulated while elevating the platform. whilst transferring this piece of equipment, make certain to use warning and a stable technique. Frequently instances, right heavy machinery education is required to use this lift. The final carry to keep in mind renting is a fabric elevate. Just like forklifts; fabric lifts are operated by hand lifts that can lift large portions of system to multiplied surfaces. Those are amazing for contractors seeking to pass dry wall or huge items. The proper cloth lifts can elevate over 1000 pounds over 10 feet excessive.

Making the selection to hire the proper carry on your task may be difficult. To make things less complicated, visit your rental provider to weigh the advantages of each elevate as well as particular models and brands. Renting lifts may even offer you the ability to make exchanges when wished and discover the great choice for you long time.  Contact your rental provider these days to discover their inventory and hire a lift that satisfactory meets the desires of your subsequent mission.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Free Zone Business Setup Guide

Setting up a Free Zone business involves investor’s understanding of the market and the difference between Free zone area and Dubai Government Entities.
Why Choose Free Zone?
Since it is gateway of Capital and Investment and its tax-friendly regime makes it the perfect base to take advantage of the region’s rapidly growing demand for financial and business services.
There are 2 categories of Free Zone business that anyone can set up in Dubai.

  1. Free Zone Company – are business which owned 100% by the person who set it up. There is no requirement of a sponsor or an agent to act as liaison for managing the venture. There is no restriction tying you down.


  • 100% Ownership
  • Can be formed by only one individual
  • You can open bank account in Dubai
  • 100% Secrecy maintained
  • 0% Tax
  • Less Renewal Charges
  • Can be liquidated anytime
  • Allows to do international business
  • Can do multiple activities
  • Can hold Properties

  1. Offshore– it is also registered in a free zone and many benefits can be enjoyed the same way that an average Free Zone company gets. But you cannot have this as a substitute for a Free Zone company.

The major difference between a Free Zone company and an offshore company is that offshore companies are also allowed to conduct their business outside the United Arab Emirates. They cannot have business activities inside the country.

Kiltons business setup services can assist you in all different types of business; they are professional and can guide you to find the exact location to set up your company. We work on the required budget of the client to obtain all his needs.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Scissor Lift and Rough Terrain Lift

There are lots of building built taller than you. Do you ever imagine how to reach these heights? You need special equipment many times. Scissor lifts are the most popular for aerial work platforms. They come in form of rough terrain and electric. Depend on the jobs, you can best suit either one of those types. Here’s a guide on scissor lifts and what counts as rough terrain.

What a Scissor Lift Does

You have to rent scissor lift to make your workers feel safe on the job and also to reduce work site accidents.

These machines lift workers to heights that cannot be reached easily. A scissor lift includes a harness protecting a worker from falling. Also by lifting heavy objects, it saves the workers from trouble. Scissor lifts are powerful devices and a worker’s best friend.

A scissor lift can lift an object anywhere from 10 to 60 feet in the air. Most of the required jobs are in the range of 20-40 feet. That’s two to four stories high.

Scissor lifts have several other benefits as well. These machines don’t lift workers into the air but also give people the strength to do jobs at great heights because they how they have platforms on them.
Reducing a giant scissor lift to a storage form is also possible so that will fit anywhere. A scissor lift takes up little space once you are done with a job. These devices fold into a smaller shape that is either square or rectangular.  Some scissor lifts are only 5 feet tall and less than 3 feet wide. Their size and utility make them quite useful.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts come in two basic forms. The electric scissor lift is widely used. They are great for indoor tasks. The warehouse is a good example of where you would want an electric scissor lift.

These lifts are used if the rows in the building are tight and the little room to move. You require a device to lift items to higher shelves. At these heights you may need workers also to do these jobs. This kind of scissor lift will raise people between 19 and 40 feet in the air.

An electric scissor lift runs usually on a battery. There is no problem of emission of any fumes which would cause problems in a tight space. You can recharge it at your convenience, so you don’t have to pay for gas. Some scissor lifts have a dual design. These lifts work with gas or batteries.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Your jobs might take place outdoors and the places that are not even and flat. A rough terrain scissor lift is needed at that time. Manufacturers build these machines to have your workers work in tough areas. It is four-wheel drive and has reinforced tires to prevent a flat.

Main purpose of a rough terrain scissor lift is to lift people and goods off the ground. This type of scissor lift doesn’t need an even base to do a safe lift.

Rough terrain scissor lift mostly don’t have a battery engine and you may find a dual unit at times. Gasoline would be used most of the times. The reason is that scissor lift batteries usually last about eight hours. Then, they must recharge for a similar length of time. You may need to drive the unit to your work side manually. Then, you will need to run it. Finally, you must drive back. Eight hours of battery life isn’t enough for a full workday. That’s why rough terrain engines use gas instead.

You don’t need a rough terrain scissor lift if you work a shorter period. You also don’t one for flat land. The primary purpose of these machines is to work on any uneven land.

What Makes for Rough Terrain?

Rough terrain scissor lifts can even work on a slope. That’s important when you work on land that’s not flat. This special kind of scissor lift can still lift workers and materials into the air.

You need to know how big the slope is. The rough terrain units use a measurement called grad ability. It shows how much of a slope the machine can handle. Grade ability goes from zero to 40 percent. When you are ready to rent equipment, ask for advice about the grad ability you need.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are useful. When you work outdoors, you probably need a rough terrain scissor lift.
Once you know the type of terrain you’ll be working on, you can rent the equipment that’s right for you. Renting can help save money for when you need equipment without having to store it when you don’t.

How to Setup business in Mainland Dubai?

Setting up a business in mainland Dubai is difficult. It is not as easy as it is in the Free Zones. To start with, you will need to understand all the legal and administrative procedures, and also equip the skill to run a successful business in the UAE marketplace.
To describe briefly, these are the steps requires to start business in Mainland Dubai
  1. Select the right business activity and legal type that suits your business
  2. Select a local partner or a local service agent
  3. Get the initial approval for name and business activity
  4. Get the MOA/Agreement notarized
  5. Choose the office space and get the contract of tenancy
  6. Obtain any other additional approval (if required)
  7. Final submission of for license
Let’s see in detail the important steps you need to do for setting up business
  1. Finding a local Sponsor

The biggest difference in setting up a business in the mainland or in a free zone is in the regulations of ownerships. You will need an Emirati (UAE national) to be your local sponsor for mainland business. Local sponsor will own 51% of the business shares and the remaining 49% ownership of the shares rests with the expat.  These shareholders is not required to invest in your company but will still be a legal owner of majority shares. But the expatriate partner can be the managing partner of the company and hold 100% operational powers. Sponsors will not be required to involve with the daily activities of the company.  For professional firm formation, the expat is allowed to own the firm 100% however a sponsor – officially called local service agent (LSA) is still a requirement. You can associate with a sponsor – for both local shareholder and local service agent on a mutually-agreed annual fee.You can get the UAE local sponsor with Kiltons Business Setup Services
  1. Registering with the DED

In mainland Dubai, The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the main regulatory body for forming companies. Their responsibility is the economic growth and welfare in Dubai and they achieve this responsibility by developing economic policies and regulations, identifying strategic growth sectors and providing efficient services to local and international investors. They are also the business registration and license issuing authority of the Dubai Mainland Business. They are also responsible for commercial compliance and consumer protection. You can get help with Kiltons Business setup services for all DED activities
  1. Get the business address verified

The Dubai Municipality is required to verify your office address (the office space varies depending on the license type). The tenant is responsible to ensure that the tenancy contract and Ejari (tenancy contract registration certificate) are in place before applying for a license.

If you aren’t sure of the processes of setting up a business or find it too tricky, it is always good to take the help of a local Dubai based business consultant like Kiltons Business Setup services to ensure the legal issues are handled carefully.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Costs for Setting up business in Dubai

For all those planning to migrate their business to Dubai, costs of setting up a business need to be considered as a big deterring factor. Its going to be easy for businesses aspiring to have a presence in Dubai if they have a clear idea of how much cost involved in setting up business in Dubai.

There are two options when it comes to choosing an area for your business in Dubai, the city’s free zone area and the more coveted mainland area. The costs incurred will depend on which of two areas you choose to setup business
Free zone Setup Costs
Setting up the business in the city’s freezone area has its own advantage, particularly in terms of costs. However, costs differ by free zone i.e. it depends on which free zone you choose for setting up your business. Besides, costs in a free zone area also depends on the business structure, nature, building, and number of visas sought.  The following are part of the costs:

  • One-time fee for registering business in the city
  • One-time fee for name-reservation
  • Annual fee for business license
  • Annual fee for building
  • Visa fee/person
Mainland Setup Costs
Like free zone costs, the costs of setting up business in the mainland area depends on factors like nature of business, visa permit counts and premises.  However, some additional expenses that inflate the bill include:
Mandatory government fees
These include notary fees, trade license, registration at government department and legal translations. All these fees may either at a one time or annual fee.
Business incorporation fees
This includes fees for document submissions, arrangement of inspections etc. This is primarily a onetime fee.
Another mandatory requirement is new company registration with Immigration and Ministry of Labor. The registration has to be renewed every two years.
Additionally you will have to shell out an annual sponsor fee, a one-time legal fees, commercial premises fee and visa per person.
If you are planning to establish an LLC, the share capital required would be AED 300, 000. Once you receive the trade license for LLC, you can convert this share capital to working capital.(It is not mandatory to show the share capital)

To maintain a Foreign Branch Office in Dubai, you also need to expend on the following on an annual basis:
  • PRO Service fees for trade license management
  • Fee for Ministry of Economy registration
  • Fee for Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Fee for yearly audit by a local Auditor
  • Fee for Waste Management
  • Fee for certification of Parent company’s audit by a local Auditor
  • Fee for Waste Management – Not applicable in Dubai
    Fee for Corporate PO BOX

You may be all at seas trying to understand the fee structure of setting up business in Dubai. Hiring a business advisory firm to register your business startup Dubai may make things a lot easier for you;.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Types of Cranes and Their Rental in The Middle East

Cranes are heavy equipment used to lift heavy goods that are used in building projects. Infrastructure building is at a rapid pace in Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and in the middle-east as a whole. Integrated Logistics Company, widely known for offering crane rental and other equipment rentals for proposed projects supplies wide variety of cranes like,

·         Crawler Cranes
·         All Terrain Cranes
·         Rough Terrain Cranes                   
·         Truck Cranes

Crawler cranes 

A crawler is mounted on an undercarriage. Between 40 and 3500 short tons are lifted using the crawler cranes. Using crawler cranes brings a lot of advantages. They need just a little set up. The reason behind this being the crane stays stable on its tracks. Another advantage is that crawler crane can travel with a load. Crawler cranes offer great stability as against hydraulic or truck cranes because they do not have outriggers. However crawler trains are very heavy and moving them from the project site to other places will require you to spend money. The crawler has to be disassembled. Once that is done, it has to be moved in trucks, ships or rail cars. This forms the major drawback of crawler cranes, otherwise, they are modern and ease for lifting works.

All terrain cranes 

They are a hybrid between a rough terrain crane and mobile truck crane. The specialty of this crane is that it offers a multi-functional capability. The cranes can be used on any kind of off-road terrain and can also be taken on highways at very high speeds. Also, they can be used regardless of the prevalent weather conditions.
They reach up to 55 miles per hour speed. They are mobile, maneuverable and have a strong lifting capacity of 40 to 1000 tons. Interestingly, they can reach up to the height of 500 feet. Other advantages of all terrain cranes include agility, adjustability, efficiency, durability and safety.
All terrain cranes can be used in construction areas where there are no roads or poor road conditions. When erecting wind turbines, during installation of oil and gas pipelines, the all terrain cranes can be put to use.

Rough Terrain cranes 

They are specially designed to perform operations off-road and in rough surfaces. In rough terrain cranes, a self propelled crane is mounted on an undercarriage. These kinds of cranes are mainly crafted for pick and carry operations. The cranes are using during operations in refineries, chemical plants and can also be used for building bridges.

Truck cranes 

A truck carries the crane. The crane consists of two parts. The first is the lower part, called the carrier. Second is the lifting component. It consists of the boom called as upper. These two are put together using a turntable. There by, enabling the upper to swing. These cranes are single-engine machines and can easily move on highways.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

USA Visa Application

The US Visa is normally a decal affixed within the passport or tour file that gives an authorization to formally request in front of the immigration officer authorization to enter to the issuing country. While entering into the US, the Department officials of Homeland security, U.S. Customs and Border protection have the authority for allowing/refusing admission. The all of us Embassy in Thailand is the diplomatic bureau answerable for getting and processing requests for all Thailand all of us visas. In Thailand Kingdom, there are two diplomatic bureaus allocated. The all of us tourist visas falls under non immigrant visas.

It is additionally called as B visitor visa that is just issued in visitor’s support whose reason of visiting to is simply happiness or company or medical

The USA visa application is probably summarized in a few steps.

·         Collection of Documents needed like valid passport
·         completed application form, Photos taken within last 6 months
·         Proof of ties and adequate budget evidence.
·         Evidence of ties is proof that the applicant has several reasons for not staying inside the USA as an immigrant.
·         Pay the non refundable visa processing rate in anyone of the 246 designated postoffices nationally.

This rate cannot be paid within the US Embassy in Thailand. Scheduling the appointment will take place by either the Visa information or Appointment website or call center service through the internet or cell phone. Before the applicant can be allowed to apply this service, he/she needs to know Visa information and Appointment services PIN online or by phone or through credit card or at a collaborating Thai post office. On the date of appointment, he/she has to purchase an envelope this is already available at the Thai submit kiosk on embassy grounds. At the side of the envelope, he/she has to bring the specified files at Window 1 and 2. He/she can determine whether or not the applicant is just entitled to have the visa required. Siam prison global is just a full provider Thailand regulation firm offering immigration solutions for US Visa in Thailand. Dennis Ramm is just the managing associate for Siam felony worldwide, Thailand's biggest felony provider community with places of work in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Samui.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Migration to Australia

It is no wonder that people would possibly want to immigrate to the United States, or for visiting it several days. It isn't always constantly simple to get a visa and authorization to go into Australia. You’ll need an incredibly high-quality guide who'll supply or take walk you in the course of the manner and make you for visa application. The first step to trying to get a visa for immigration to Australia is to realize precisely what kind of visa you'll be wanting. There are various visas for entering Australia, every one of them need visa of some type.

The employee visa itself has numerous forms of visas. There is a specific visa for physicians or nurses, for those who're sponsored through businesses in Australia, in addition to sailors and airmen getting into Australia. That is for individuals who're getting into Australia or going to the US of a visa request by using individuals of the relatives that they are already permanent citizens of Australia. This is for everyone who has married an Australian citizen and also would need to transport to the nation. Those visas are definitely, but some the several specific visas quite simply has ready availability for immigrating to Australia.

Discover which of those visas you are more than what you eligible for, and after that start applying for the same. Real application for the visa will be facilitated during the department of Immigration along with website of Indigenous affairs. You only like to fill it up together with observe the guidelines indicated. You might think that application has to be made after this, but no, not yet. You’ve got to send the supporting documents so that it will show the suitability and qualification to move to Australia. Different documents are needed for different types of visas

If studentvisa need to be applied, then the applicant may need to send in evidence of your enrolment in an Australian Universities with your offer letter and also the confirmation of Enrolment. Those are documents given by the university after you've got finished all the steps needed for enrolment. And alternatively, in case you're married to an Australian and are going to the nation as relationship part, you've got to provide assisting proof of the relationship and marriage. Those desires would encompass your relationship agreement, proofs of joint accounts like electric bills, water payments, and a joint banking account, amongst others.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Immigrating to Australia Here's What You Want to Understand

Migration to a foreign country may be a little difficult due to the incorporation of all paperworks. Australia attracts people from all over the world because of lifestyle of the people and its beautiful beaches. Moving to a different country is a huge step financially. But list of things need to be considered while moving overseas. There may be a difference in culture between your nation and Australia and you may think the 'cultural integration' process can be, in reality, it won't be that way.

Consider why you are transferring there, what type of visa option you are looking for or when you have any relative who may additionally nominate you and permit you to live with them. ifnot, then find the best place to reside or if you have an business overseas, you could get nominated this way as well. Getting nomination for Victorian Government will make this visa acquisition process easier.

1. Research:Look for the available cities that matches your lifestyle. Apart from that, based on whether you are moving for education or for work, look for the college or job that suits you. Check the available jobs and how you may get it. If the intention is to run a business then entirely different set of rules applies. Do some research about how you want to shift? A migration agent will assist you in shifting and will finish for you all the required paperwork.

2. Nomination: Applying for state nomination can help you in getting visas, therefore making the entire process very easy. it is very useful if you have a visa but no longer compulsory. Applying to the Victorian Government and checking the State Nomination and Occupations list helps you to determine the eligibility of nomination. After this, an employer have to sponsor for you and then are you able to get nominated to getting an independent visa.

3. Visa: In order to get migrated to another country, visa is required. Applying to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (dibp), whether you have a nomination or not via the Victorian government will relief youwhile applying for visa as the process will get a lot easier and simple. There are numerous forms of visas available such as theskilled visa, skilled state nomination visa or the business visa,,which will be provided on Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

4. Medical examination: A medical examination is done on every one who desires to go to Australia to make sure that no communicable and chronic illnesses are getting transferred.

5. Moving to Australia: As soon as you have your visa and passport, you may migrate to Australia without any problems. Having the Relocation checklist of the Victorian Government will help you accomplish that in an organized and proper way.

6. Settling in: the skilled and Business migration programs offer many opportunities and services for every immigrant to settle inside the country without any problem. Also, once you shift to another country, you should be in touch with the officials of your native countryor the Embassy of your native countryas they'll encompass you of their online support systems, cultural and sports clubs, online social networks and so forth. They may additionally help you out when settling in the city for the first time.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Top five Immigration Agencies in London

1) ICS Legal 

• ICS Legal UK Immigration lawyers ensure to give you the correct advice about your application based on the information you will provide to them. Their services are complete that will lead to the right migration solution you will choose. 

2) Hudson McKenzie

• A multi award-winning commercial law firm known being one of the top firms in the UK through different legal directories including “The Legal 500” and many of their immigration lawyers are leaders in the field. They are chosen by their clients because of their competency, personality and passion to succeed. Their services to their clients are always flexible, integrated and cost-efficient.
3) Immigration Advice Service

• Their attorneys specialize in a broad range of UK visa, nationality and asylum applications to the UK Border Agency and the Home Office department, responsible for controlling immigration. Rest assured their lawyers will give reliable advice, practical assistance and professional representation to guide you through the application and decision-making process from start to finish.

4) OTS Solicitors

• It is recognized being one of the UK’s leading immigration law firms with over 60 years of combined experience and knowledge in immigration law. Their team is composed of solicitors that have been highly endorsed and ranked being top UK immigration attorneys. They ensure to have equality and transparency for the rates, not only focusing on high success percentage and remarkable standards of immigration services. 

5) Stratix Consultants

• They have a skillful team of hard-working members that would ensure to provide you the best immigration solutions to the country you prefer which is very convenient and safe. They always aim to give high values in immigration industry to make sure for clients’ fulfilment. Therefore, their services are outstanding rather than other immigration consultants in the industry. You can contact Stratix Consultants by visiting

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

9 tips choosing an Immigration Consultant

1. Decide if you will hire an agent or a lawyer. Both can handle the same task except you have a difficult case that needs judicial review. If you can get a guidance from a trustworthy person, who has used a good lawyer or agent, you can consider that person. Another option is to research lawyers and agents. The most essential for choosing the immigration consultant is his skills experience and honesty to his profession.

2. Whichever migration agencies and lawyer offices you will consider, read online reviews about them. Conduct a consultation with three agents and lawyers you think will qualify and choose the best one among them.

3. Do you specialize in immigration work or its only one area of your practice? This is the first question to ask the potential agent or lawyer.

4. During consultancy meeting, bring your important documents and ask all your needed information. The agent or lawyer should give all the answers clearly. At first consultation that usually stays around 60 minutes, some of them give it free of charge.

5. Ask the agent or lawyer if he’s skilled in your required visa if you already know what type of visa you need.

6. You should know if your agent or lawyer is confident and honest in handling your case and he should include his reasons.

7. After your interaction with the agent or lawyer, you should think if he’s the right person to trust and worth to spend a lot of your time and money.

8. You should ensure the agent will inform you immediately if there would be any revision to the law during your processing time and about your filing status.

9. Make sure to have a written agreement between you and the agent or the lawyer that clearly stating all the things need to be done and attach your both signatures. About the payments, be careful reading the terms and schedule before giving your approval.

To get more tips on choosing and immigration consultant, visit -

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Responsive Website Design vs Adaptive Website Design

Responsive Website Design
  • It produces the highest sighting experience to a website; regardless what type of device will be used.
  • Fluid grids is a design that performs no matter what screen size for the highest glimpsing experience, using broad range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.

Adaptive Website Design
  • It contains many specific layouts for multiple screen sizes and the layout used base on the usage of screen size.
  •  The website identifies the type of device used and gives the pre-set layout for that device.
Difference of Responsive & Adaptive Website
  •  Responsive design is the more severe option to carry out since it needs extra attention to the site’s CSS and organization therefore for sure it will work well whichever sizes.
  • It’s very manageable to make some specific layouts for your website, rather than making one layout that will work in any screen size.
  • Responsive websites need only to load one layout that will work to all platforms.
  • Adaptive website requires loading all possible layouts however, for some situations, like the responsive site with 100 pages correlate to an adaptive site with 10 pages, adaptive will be much faster.
  • Adaptive site designs function only to many screens if the layouts are also matching them.
Based on the survey results, responsive website design is usually the best option to go with for your site because, it always works for whatever screen sizes, develops loading times and frequently more effort given is worthwhile.

For new or smaller websites that just beginning to establish and they need to restore their resources, adaptive website design might be much better choice.

To get more information about web design, visit –

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

US EB5 program

Visa System Representation
  • The US Congress created the EB-5 program in 1990 to restore the economy through giving jobs and capital investment by overseas investors. Former President Obama signed the Public Law 114-254 back on December 10, 2016 about expanding the regional center program by April 28, 2017. 
  • USCIS system on EB-5 arbitration is included in Volume 6, Part G of the USCIS Policy Manual.
  • All EB-5 investors must spend in new commercial business:
    • Started after Nov. 29, 1990 or
    • Begun on or before Nov. 29, 1990 that is: 
      • Current business is reorganized in new commercial business results or
      • Extended by more investment therefore, at least 40% increase in the net worth or number of employees
  • Commercial business is to get profits for the continuous lawful business including but not limited to:
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership (whether limited or general)
    • Holding Company
    • Joint venture
    • Corporation
    • Business Trust
    • Other Organization, either public or privately owned ( Non Commercial activity like owning and managing personal residence is not included)
Job Providers Requirement
  • An EB-5 investor must produce the needed amount of capital in new commercial business that will give full-time employment, minimum 10 eligible employees.
  • New commercial business must create full-time employment, if it’s not located within a regional center.
  • Full-time positions can be given either directly or indirectly by the new commercial business, if its located within a regional center.
  • EB-5 investor might depend on job maintenance, if there’s business trouble.
  • Investor must show that the number of current employees will be remained at least 2 years.
  • Eligible employee is U.S. nationality, legalized permanent resident or other immigrant permitted to work in the US including, but not limited to, conditional or non-permanent resident, fugitive or person living in the US under interruption of extradite.
  • Full-time employees in the new commercial business are required minimum 35 working hours every week.
  • For regional center system, full-time employees which have been indirectly hired are also instructed minimum 35 working hours every week.
  • If two or more qualified employees share full-time positions will consider as full-time employment, given the hourly requirement per week is achieved. Part-time positions are not included even though they reached the hourly requirement per week.
To get more information about US EB5 program, visit -