Sunday, 22 January 2017

Express Entry Immigrate to Canada

Express Entry is the new system to approve skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. It will be based from their capabilities to settle in that country and to contribute in the economy.

These are the benefits for Express Entry System:

      1.      You can study in Canada by earning points
      2.      Some work offers no longer need the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and job offer now only needs within a one year.
      3.      Amount of points you get for a job offer has changed
      4.      Instead of 60 days, you can apply within 90 days.

You need to be eligible first to become the candidate in the Express Entry System by answering the questionnaire online, there are three immigration programs with different requirements and it will take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out this form. Type of program will be based on the results.

Here are the three immigration programs:

      1.      Federal Skilled Worker Program
      2.      Federal Skilled Trades Program
      3.      Canadian Experience Class

These are the questions that will be asked:

      1.      Nationality
      2.      Age
      3.      Language ability
      4.      Family members
      5.      Education
      6.      Work experience
      7.      Details on any job offer

The following are the advantages once you’re eligible to immigrate:

      1.      You will be included in the pool for eligible candidates
      2.      There are many factors to determine your rank
      3.      You will receive an invitation to apply, once you’re included in the top candidates
      4.      You can apply for permanent residence after you’re invited to apply

You need to create an MyCIC account to fill out the Express Entry profile online and its free of charge. These are the questions that will be asked:

       1.      Language test scores
       2.      Education and educational credential assessment (if you will be interested)
       3.      Work experience
       4.      Other information needed in order to assess you

Applying to immigrate in the Canada through Express Entry system has also many procedures however, if you’re really determined to get the goal, this is much better than the previous type of system. It’s very worth at the end and to have a better future.You can also contact Immigration Consultants in Dubai for immigration to Canada 

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