Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to get US L1 Visa?

USA L1 visa is a document required to enter the USA to work for a short period and its non-immigrant visa. Foreign worker could continue employment to the USA with the office branch of the same employer, subsidiary or affiliate. L1 visa holder is known as intracompany transferee.

I. Petitioner Requirements

a. There must be a qualifying relationship between the employer in the US and the foreign company wherein the employee works.  It will be based on the type of qualifying relationship the exact evidence required for submission.

b. During the duration of the L-1 visa holder’s stay in the US, the petitioner must have consistent business in the US and at least in one another country directly or through qualifying organization.

II. Employee/Alien/ Beneficiary Requirements

a. The employee must have been employed abroad by the qualifying foreign employer for one continuous year within the three years immediately before going into the US. He can be directly employed by the qualifying organization, or get paid by agency or personal service company, or even as freelance, if the qualifying organization managed the worker during the qualifying year.

Authorized periods of stay in the US for a branch or affiliate or subsidiary of the same employer for business work, should not be interrupted for one year of continuous employment abroad. Part-time work in one year or more can’t be added up to meet the one year abroad required. But it’s allowed if the employee has worked part-time for several foreign affiliates of the US company and the total employment equals full-time hours.

If the beneficiary is already in the US on some other work visa like H1B visa for few years, it might still be possible to get L1 visa from a qualifying employer as one year out of three years is counted before the admission in the US.

b. The employee must work in managerial, executive or specialized knowledge capacity before going to the US and it should be the same work position also once he reaches that country. But, the beneficiary does not have to be transferred to the US in the same capacity in which he was employed abroad, provided the US operation has been doing business for at least 1 year. For instance, manager in the foreign country could be transferred to the US in a specialized knowledge capacity.

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