Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to prepare tower cranes for Shipping?

Heavy lifting is potentially possible due to gigantic machines that stand firm on grounds and are able to reach the heights, a normal human may find difficult to stair up. These machines work as per their coding standards and crucial is to understand how these are transported? Mishandling of any spare part can prove big losses and risk to human life. Below section gives a step by step overview about how a tower crane should be shipped.

Initially, figure out what type of vehicle is going to ship it, whether a RORO or a flat platform/rack. Now, understand the technical diagram of tower crane before you plunge out its heavy nuts & bolts. Note down the actual measurements of tower crane's weight, length, breadth & height. In a separate section note down the count of accessories each panel of the crane consists. Figure out what all accessories can be clubbed together for shipping like electrical panels and counterweights. Bubble wrap the delicate parts to avoid shock and conflict.  All accessories are required to be packed in boxes with appropriate labels and separate packets. Make sure before moving accessories in boxes, all packets are counted and settled in chronological order. You can take benefit of yard axels if your crane possesses else use a lower trailer for transportation according to crane's height. Yard axels is a low-cost means as it will help in the direct transfer of tower crane through port tractor. On the contrary, the lower trailer will pay a partial benefit because an additional crane will be required to unload tower crane at the destination site. Once the tower crane has been loaded, lashing comes into the picture. Strength tested chains and cables should be used to fasten the parts of the tower crane as a part of security feature.

Once the crane is loaded, cross-check the count of accessories boxes and stick these boxes with adhesives to avoid conflicts and falls. As a part of risk management, keep crane accessory parts extra to avoid any risks of lost parts or inoperable parts. Make sure there's no leakage in any of the parts and essentials lubricants are transported along with the tower crane. While loading the tower crane it should be at rest completely and no machine movement should be in the picture.

Tower Crane Rental in Dubai

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