Monday, 4 December 2017

Efficient container loading and unloading practices

Being a responsible shipment provider, container loading and unloading should be done skillfully. You are liberal to pack and fit equipment in the container the way it'll stay safe; however, appropriate practices should be followed while stacking and unstacking the container in cargo. The articles in your container should be organized based on underlying laws and regulations. These rules govern that any hazardous material is shipped with extra care and the transfer does not lure any damage to society. Your cargo will have to face a series of security checks and improperly packed items will signal suspicion while scanning. If you fail here then your cargo will have to undergo thorough investigation which can delay the delivery timelines.

The following are a few guidelines to best practices that must be followed during stacking and unstacking of containers from cargo:   

·         Even distribution of weight- Make sure your cargo doesn't lean from any side due to the uneven stacking of articles in the container. While loading the container with machinery items be aware of distributing weight evenly across the surface area of the container.
·         Space Utilization- While distributing weight evenly the best practice is to utilize container's space. You need not stack your articles horizontally on container's floor; however, stack some eligible items vertically on the walls of the container. It is a best practice to fill empty space with dunnage and retain movement of items during shipment. If articles conflict then these will be prone to damage and huge losses.
·         Compatible articles and varied properties- Your checklist must contain details about the weight, density, state of nature (solid, liquid, gas), the odor of articles to be shipped. Stack articles systematically on the basis of these details. If loaded unevenly these properties can conflict and lure damage to loaded articles even if weight and space constraints have been followed. Stay attentive in the following:
o   Mind loading lightweight items above heavy height ones' else heavyweights can crush sensitive ones.
o   Keep low-density articles above high-density articles. Make sure heavy ones are not leaning above those with light density.
o   Try not to load dry and wet materials together in container else in event of unnecessary leakage dry materials can get spoiled.
·         Unload in chronological order- Unstack last kept item first and in a similar manner unload rest items. In case if articles have got displaced from their position then unload items with the best possible simplification.

Universum Heavylift Group is into shipment service since years and I was extremely satisfied with their loading and unloading strategy. They monitor all activates during shipment minutely and own risk mitigation plans much earlier before the cargo is shipped.

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