Monday, 14 May 2018

What Are Loaders? What Are Their Types?

Loaders are heavy construction machines which are used to move materials like rock, sand, wood-chips, recycled materials, etc. at planning site, digging site or road construction site. They look like tractors and have a bucket connected with arms. These arms are used to loosen the materials before they can be picked up for transportation.

Types of Loaders

1.       Wheeled Loader- It has a front-mounted square wide bucket which is connected with the two ends of booms. The bucket and booms enable the machine to extract out loose materials from the ground like sand, dirt or gravel. Wheel loaders are used to transfer materials from ground level to an open truck or dump truck for excavation. Due to the articulated chassis, these machines are ideal for use in much-squeezed locations.

2.       Track Loader- This loader is engineered with a tracked chassis and a loader and is useful in digging and loading materials. It utilizes hydrostatic transmission and electro-hydraulic controls to operate. The hydraulic system boosts the power of the loading system, and hence, these machines can dig hard grounds and can apply the same pressure on the bucket. It is the most common machine used by construction companies.

3.       Skid Steer Loader- It is considered as all-purpose machinery for construction jobs. It has two versions- crawler loader and a four-wheel drive skid steer loader. Skid steers contain multiple attachments which enable them to perform the operations of a snow blower, mower, bulldozer or a forklift in a few minutes. This machine eliminates the need for individual machines as it can be converted and used in several ways. Skid steers possess a torque output of 40-100 horsepower, and their selling prices depend on their capacity.

4.       Backhoe Loader- It is also known as a loader backhoe or the digger. It is a heavy duty electromechanical machine which has a shovel attached in the front and a small back-hoe in its back. It is relatively compact and is generally used in small construction projects like building small houses or fixing urban roads. These machines are used in paving roads, landscaping, digging holes/excavations, transportation of lightweight materials, small demolitions, power building equipment, etc.

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