Sunday, 21 January 2018

All You Need To Know About Vegan Food and Its Health Benefits

A vegan lifestyle omits the use of products made from animals. Food products like honey, eggs, gelatine, dairy items, etc. are strictly out of their plate. Moreover, animal-sourced products like clothes, soaps, etc. are erased from the manner of living. Low saturated fat and rich nutrients make vegan diet a highly nutritious one. Exempting animal sourced products leaves a few choices for food. Thus, it is crucial to include protein, vitamins, and minerals from non-animal sources. A study suggests that approx. 2.5 percent of the U.S. population follows a vegan lifestyle.
Medical News Today has listed down the following fast facts about this diet:

·         Only plant-based foods are allowed to eat.
·         You can take supplements to balance nutrition levels.
·         This diet can lower down the risks of cancer.
·         It protects bones and heart.
·         An alternative to meat can be tofu, mushrooms, and tempeh.

Why do people turn Vegan?

Majorly to correspond to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, people start following non-animal sourced diet plans. This diet, in turn, can relinquish the harm caused to environment and animals. Some restaurants have begun providing vegan food considering the demand. Moreover, nowadays you can easily find readymade vegan meals in major grocery stores.

What are its benefits?

·         Zero Animal Fats- A study suggests that animal sources account to one of the most popular sources of cholesterol-raising fats in the U.S. Cutting down animal-sourced foods can mainly help in keeping industrial cancer-linked chemicals and other elements from entering into the body. This idea, in turn, can minimize several health issues.

·         Lowers down the Risk of Cancer- Nonvegetarian foods, esp. meat builds a high risk of colorectal and prostate cancer. Permitted food sources like fruits, vegetables, legumes, fibers, etc. are proficient in guarding against different types of cancer.

·         Bone Health- Calcium builds bones stable, and it is significantly obtained from milk. For vegans' soy milk, almond milk, vegan cheese fulfills body's calcium requirements. Other nutrients like vitamins d & K, potassium, magnesium, etc. obtained from soy, fruits, and some vegetables eliminates the risks of animal fats.

·         Heart Health- Fewer calories lead to a minimal risk of obesity by building lower BMI (Body Mass Index). It also minimizes the concentration of cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

·         Chronic Diseases at Bay- Plant-based foods attack free radicals which are responsible for causing inflammation and cell damage. Also, one can stay from cardiovascular diseases, arterial plaque, tumor growth and other chronic diseases with vegan diet.

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