Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to acquire UK Citizenship by Investment?

Do you have millions of money? Would you like to shift to the UK with your family? Well, there's an option. UK's Tier 1 visa can help you with citizenship if you are ready to invest in their market. Initially, you'll get a residency for three years and four months, and it is extendible if your residency history conforms to government rules.

Rules to Obtain UK's Tier 1 Visa

·         Like each country has underlined specific regulations for an investor visa, the UK also has its own. If you qualify for the following requirements then you are eligible for UK Tier 1 visa:
·         You would be required to make an investment of at least £2 million in either UK shares capital, government bonds, loan capital or registered trading companies. Moreover, the investment should be maintained for five years.
·         You should be a non-European Union (EU) citizen.
·         Your age should be more than eighteen years.
·         You should be able to cover your family's personal and living expenses with some lawful economic means.
·         You can spend a maximum of 180 days outside the country within a year.
·         Your history should not include any criminal record.

Why should you immigrate to the UK?

More and more non-EU nationals are moving to the UK with investor visa because of its political and economic stability. Its high standard of living attracts outsiders and security is another aspect which pulls them in. The UK is said to be the number one inward investment destination in entire Europe, and it falls amongst the top business centers of the world. It also bags position of being one of the top ten manufacturers in the world. To leverage children with substantially great education, people move to the UK because it is world's one f the best education providing region.

Benefits of Obtaining UK Tier 1 Visa (through investment)

·         Officially, you can work, study or establish a business in the UK.
·         Beneficial tax rules for international tax planning.
·         You get the freedom to extend the citizenship to further two years.
·         Similar residential visa and benefits for immediate family members as well.
·         You get prioritized processing of investor immigration application (two months).
·         You get recognition of civil partnerships.
·         You also get social privileges such as unemployment benefits, maternity benefits, and medical help.
·         You will be free to move to Schengen Area and European Union (EU).
·         After a non-criminal record residency of five to six years, you will be liable to apply for UK citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment

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