Friday, 9 February 2018

How to Buy Heavy Equipment Safely By Avoiding Unethical Sellers

Buying heavy equipment is a pricey affair, and not all businesses can afford them. Purchasing a good machine at an economical price is the bottom line of a project's success. According to your project's capacity, you can choose to buy, rent or lease machines, however, what drives success here is ethicality. Once you start searching for the equipment you need, you'll discover dealers with different ethics. Sometimes, a deal may be legal. However, it may pertain to unethical terms. 

It is unethical to trade if: 
  • The seller doesn't provide you with a complete portfolio of the machine. 
  • The seller forces business on you and provokes you to buy equipment ‘right now.' 
  • The seller is unaware of the details of the equipment product and is unable to answer questions. 
  • The person is not the first owner and doesn't refer NICB or NCIC databases. 
 Do the following before choosing a dealer: 

Get Multiple Quotes- Start with creating a list of all dealers in the market who are selling the machine of your concern. For new devices, a reliable source is company's authorized dealer. For old machines, you need to struggle a bit to purchase a good working one at the economical price. A trick is to meet multiple sellers and bid with them for the best price.  

Ask Questions- Do not hesitate in asking questions about the equipment you are willing to purchase. Ask questions on extended warranties, service contracts, maintenance, bulk deal, and other details relevant to your project and the equipment. Also, make sure the paperwork is done legally, else, it may pile problems for you on a longer run. 

Get References & Reviews- Reviews have become an integral part of online service users now. You should seek reviews for the machine as well as the dealer and its services too. Spare some time to connect with old clients of the dealer to make a good buy. If a dealer holds a good rapport, he/she will be referred by multiple clients or service seekers. 

Pay Attention- Stay conscious from the very first day of the trade. Stay attentive to all the paperwork and agreements and ensure you do not push yourself into any trouble. Do not rush with the legal processes and work closely with all transfers. 

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