Thursday, 19 April 2018

Excavators- Uses and Types

An Excavator is heavy duty equipment which is used at construction sites. Its distinguishing factor is that can efficiently excavate different types of soils. These machines are primarily used for landscaping, demolition, material handling and river dredging. There are four types of excavators which differ in manufacturing design while their basic functionalities are almost similar. The types are:
1.       Crawler Excavator- This type of excavator is also known as a compact excavator. It has high horsepower and is primarily used for mining and other heavy-duty tasks. It has hydraulic power mechanisms which make it capable of lifting up debris and soil efficiently. Mechanically, it runs on a chain and wheel system. You can rent this equipment if your job requirement is to grade or landscape hilly areas. It has a versatile framework; hence its chances of sliding down the hill are minimal.

2.       Backhoe Excavator- It is the most commonly used excavator amongst the ones used at job sites. It is exceptionally efficient, and its functions are not limited to excavation only. It has a bucket which faces the driver. It used at job sites to extract soil, unload waste in dumpsites and at mining or construction sites. Dimension wise this equipment is small in size in comparison to others in their family.

3.       Suction Excavator- It is also known as vacuum excavator. It is equipped with a suction pipe which is used to carry away loose soil and debris by cutting them with the help of its sharp teeth attached at the edge of the pipe. Before the excavation takes place, a water jet is used to loosen the ground. This equipment is used in places where safe and careful exploration of underground elements is required.

4.       Dragline Excavators- It is slightly different from other types in its family and is much bigger. It is used in large-scale applications. It has further two types- on-site draglines and standard mobile draglines. Onsite draglines are assembled at the job site because of their huge structure while the size of standard draglines is bigger than back hoe excavators but smaller than on-site dragline excavators. Draglines are tremendously heavy and hence, are transported in parts to prevent damage on roads.

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