Sunday, 15 April 2018

Guidelines to Purchase Baby Skin Care Products


Are you a new mother? Are you concerned about your newborn baby's skin? If so, then your concern is worth happening because baby's care is a delicate matter. As the baby grows his/, her immune system develops and this, in turn, changes the skin type. When the immune system develops in the early stages, you should use mildest cleansers and very little lotion. But, if you notice eczema, dryness or rashes on your baby's skin, then you should take necessary actions to treat these problems. You can speak to your pediatrician about when to start lotions and other materials. Stay careful while choosing skin care products for your baby because your baby needs fragrance-free and dye free products.

Follow the following tips before starting shopping for your newborn:

·         Read Labels Carefully- Do not buy products which contain dyes, fragrances, and chemicals because these substances can irritate your baby's skin and affect breathing.

·         Avoid Products with Label "Hypoallergenic"- A product with hypoallergenic label means that the product will cause no or less allergic reaction. However, it does not mean that the product is necessarily gentler on the skin.

·         Buy Phthalate and Paraben-Free Products- These chemicals leverage potential harm to babies.

Baby Skin Care Products

·         Baby Soaps, Shampoos, Cleansers- Baby body wash and cleanser is said to be mild and safe for newborns. Just use baby soaps sparingly because an uneven composition of baby soap can dry skin.

·         Baby Lotion- It helps moisturize baby skin.

·         Petroleum Jelly- It is used to treat diaper rash. It forms a protective layer on your baby's skin against wet diapers. You can apply this at the rashes site.

·         Diaper Rash Ointment- Wet diapers irritate babies. Hence diaper rash ointment acts protection against the moisture.

·         Baby Oil- It is used as a massage oil for newborn baby's skin. In specific instances, it has been observed that the skin surface of many babies' does not absorb the oil completely.

·         Baby Laundry Detergent- Buy the detergent which is free from perfumes and dye. Do not use regular detergent for washing your baby's clothes as it is too harsh for newborn's skin.

·         Baby Powder- Opt for talc free powders and keep all powders away from baby's face. It is because the talc or cornstarch in the powder can cause breathing problems.

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