Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Quick Primer on L1 Visa for Beginners

The L1 visa is the best visa used by multinationals to get their employees overseas. It offers several benefits, which makes it a preferred choice for those who qualify for it. If you too are seeking this visa but don’t know the basics, here are some pointers that will get you started:

  • When can I apply for the L-1 visa?
L-1 work visa is a nonimmigrant work visa. If you’re a foreign national being transferred to the country by your current employer to manage the organization, a major function or the division of an organization, or even work for any affiliated firm as a specialized knowledge employee, this is the visa option for you.

  • What are the different types of L1 visa?
There are two major types of the L1 visa that you can opt for. These include:

  1. L-1 A: This is for the executives and managers. For either of the positions, you need to be making important decisions for the firm without requiring significant supervision or be in control of the daily tasks to manage a group of employees (when you’re in a managerial position).
  2. L-1 B: This is for employees who have specialized knowledge, which is essential in your field as well as your company.
  • How long should I wait to file the petition?
As an eligible employee, you need to work for the company for a minimum of one entire year in the three years before the date of filing your petition.

  • What are the educational skills that I need to possess?
The best part about the L1 visa application is that you needn’t possess any extraordinary achievement or a certain level of education for qualifying. However, there are certain stringent limitations, which include:
§  You can only work for the employer who has sponsored you for the entire duration of your stay.
§  The stay will be limited to a maximum of 5 years with the L1-B visa. For L1-A, the duration can be a maximum of 7 years. You cannot extend the stay beyond this.

  • Is there any limit on the number of L1 visa availability per year?
There’s no limitation on the number of L1 visa quota. However, obtaining it can be a difficult and complicated process when you are unaware of the basics and don’t adhere to the rules and regulations.

To Conclude

Whether you are seeking US L1 visa or US students visa from London, the process can get complicated. But not when you take the help of expert consultants. Book your appointment today for a hassle-free process.

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