Friday, 8 June 2018

How to Choose the Right Kind of Baby Wipe?

Your baby is a little angel, who brings a piece of heaven with themselves in your life. They make your home a happy place and practically turn your life upside down. The cooing, the first time they smile, their first lemon and so on and so forth. There are memories galore that these little angels give us.  

That said, it is upon us to ensure that we keep our babies in a safe haven and do anything in our capacity to make the little ones smile.  

Baby wipes in Dubai for instance, are something that you need to select very carefully. Although there are several of these wipes available on the market of different size, shapes and types, you are thoroughly spoilt for choices. In this scenario, how do you take an informed decision? These points will help you come to a conclusion for sure. Take a look:

Extra-Thick Wipes - Thick wipes are a kind of substantial wipes that provide an extra layer, thus avoiding the risk of leakage.  These wipes are strong enough to clear big messes and also gentle enough to support your bub’s gentle skin. An added advantage is that they can wear these for a longer duration. That’s quite a relief isn’t it?  

Scented Vs. Unscented Baby wipes also come in various scents, adding some extra care to your little one. But then, some babies might be allergic to specific scents which would, in turn, lead to rashes, irritation or discomfort. For such babies, unscented wipes are a better choice. For others, you can always settle for scented wipes that include flowery, fruity and many other scents that will get rid of the foul odors.   

Specialty Wipes When your little one has super-sensitive skin, then specialty wipes are the best choice. These wipes are made with special care and include specific soothing ingredients. These also include water wipes.  Alternatively, many specialty wipes are also made with natural or organic ingredients, keeping in mind your child’s health.  

Flushable Wipes As the name suggests, these wipes come with flushable inserts and are just like any other wipe. However, parents, you need to be cautious while using these and watch out for clogs or slow drainages. These will take some time getting used to, otherwise these are good to go!  

Differences in Packaging Believe me or not, packaging does matter when it comes to buying baby wipes. There are several varieties of packaging to choose from such as – zipper bags, travel packs or containers. Containers are the most common type, which come with a pop-up lid, making it easier for you to use them. Similarly, you can opt for colorful, funky design packages and sizes. 

These are some of the basic pointers that will help you take the right decision when it comes to choosing the right product for your bundle of joy. Keep your baby safe and warm with the “touch of love”. Cheers! 

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