Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Reliable Tower Crane Rentals

Tower Cranes are a marvel of the modern technology, inspiring the wonder and imagination of many. They are permanently constructed on sites to help lift heavy loads to great heights, thus dominating the skyline in which they are used. The skyscrapers of all the big cities use this modern marvel, explaining the demand for tower crane rental in Dubai.

Cranes carry a heavy load, making the operation part of cranes, a task of precision and patience.  Safety is the chief concern involved when working with cranes. Crane operators should be well-trained and knowledgeable about various facets of the crane operation.
Here is a quick guide to the safety of the tower crane rentals, that you can keep in mind before hiring one:

The Planning Details

All the crane operations should be well-planned in advance to ensure that they are carried out safely.
These include but are not limited to site review, preparation, crane assembly, and dismantling. All the predictable risks should be addressed and provisions to avoid the same should be made. Proper and sound equipment should be identified and used with utmost knowledge and care of the supervisor. Risk assessment, setting up procedures, assigning responsibilities and a supervisor will foster team effort and help in accurate lifting. During the construction and operation of the crane, the parts of the crane should interact safely and properly, with the careful work of engineers.
Overall, the more you plan, the more it will be easy for you to make use of the rental crane in the best possible way.

Detailed Examination

Lifting equipment must be thoroughly examined at prescribed levels by an expert. The process of examination and supervision starts from checking of the anchorage device to prevent slipping. The examination of cable insulations, steel wire ropes, connecting bolts and pins, the lubricating condition of the wire and other parts should be prioritized to ensure smooth working of the crane. 

Maintenance and Care

It is a given that routine checks should be done, in order to maintain the crane in its best possible health. The maintenance of the crane and the other equipment should be scheduled at regular intervals to address any potential issues. Some of the tips to follow for the care of the crane are:
·         Keeping the crane clean 

·         Checking of brakes, bolt connections, steel ropes and fixing the damages, if any
·         Conducting rust removing

·         Checking of safety devices for reliable sensitivity
The maintenance process should be carried out regularly to ensure economic operation and a longer life of the crane.

Emergency Steps

Irrespective of the regular use and upkeep of the tower cranes, they possess significant dangers like collapses and accidents. These incidents create tremendous injuries and loss of money and time. These injuries are caused to both employees and the bystanders and the work is put on hold at times. To avoid such mishaps, the right level of alertness, care and supervision is a must. In such cases, being prepared for any unforeseen emergency is one of the best steps that can be taken. 


Always remember, the best quality services with professionals and experts are necessary when it comes to tower crane rentals. Never compromise safety and make way for the most reliable services and you can be assured that your project will proceed as smoothly as possible!  

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