Friday, 16 March 2018

Forklift Rental- Things to Consider Before Renting

Which Type of Forklift Does Your Project Require?

Forklifts have various shapes, sizes and brand names. Apart from traditional style lifts, material handling lifts are also available in the market to target a wide range of specific needs. These include:

·         Marina Lifts
·         Order-Picking Vehicles
·         Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
·         Stacker Cranes
·         Personnel CARRIERS
·         Walkie Stackers
·         Aerial Lifts
·         Pallet Trucks
·         Paper Roll Handlers
·         Sweeper-Scrubbers
·         Rough-Terrain Forklift Trucks

For What Duration of Time, You Need to Rent the Equipment?

Rental service providers offer forklifts on rent on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can choose duration according to your need and undoubtedly, rental cost for a more extended period will be less. Plan your workflow as such that the equipment usage conforms to maximum days of the contract.

How High You Want the Forklift to Reach?

Choose a forklift which adheres to your requirements for power and stability. It is important to know that the lifting capability of these heavy equipment decrease with height. Take into account the amount of load you have to carry, the height you have to reach, the width of the lift you require, etc.

Does Your Job Site have Special Limitations?

You may need specialized equipment if your job site has narrow aisles. Mention about the width, height, and other details of the location where the forklift has to operate. You may opt for ultra-compact, sit down lift trucks which are capable of lifting according to your need.

Is Your Job Site Indoor or Outdoor?

Forklifts are also used in warehouses, and those machines are equipped with cushioned indoor tires which are best suited for hard and smooth surfaces. For outdoor use, these machines are equipped with pneumatic tires which are capable of traversing challenging surfaces and terrains.

Which Fuel Source is in Your Requirement?

The power source is an important factor to consider before you rent a forklift. Choose amongst electric, diesel and propane, which suits the best for your job site.

·         Battery powered construction equipment produce no emissions and hence are best suited for indoor use.
·         Rugged diesel lift trucks deliver great power to strenuous jobs.
·         Propane laced equipment is versatile, possess more torque than their electric parts and have easy refueling features.

Are you searching for a forklift rental? If so, then, it's not difficult, but finding the right model for your job is crucial. Connect with the experts of Universum Heavylift Group, Dubai if you want to rent heavy equipment for your project. They have a variety of trucks, cranes, lifts, loaders, etc.

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