Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Mineral Water and its Benefits

Researchers have suggested in many pieces of their studies that ideally every human being should consume minimum eight glasses of drinking water every day. It has also been discovered that approx. 20 percent of H2O necessities are fulfilled by a balanced diet which contains fruits and vegetables.

What are Health Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water?

Water is one of the basic survival necessity in a human's life. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Some of its benefits include:

·         PH Balance- Our body maintains a PH range of 7.35 – 7.45 to allow proper functioning of physiological processes. When body's PH value shifts below the count of 7 it leads to sickness and makes body ineffective in assimilating vitamins and minerals. The count above 7 is favorable to body's oxygen uptake, enhanced immunity levels, and higher energy. Our body maintains required PH levels when we consume a lot of water.

·         Maintains Body Temperature- Human body's temperature stays regulated due to the fluids present in it. In summers we undergo precipitation to disperse excess heat to lower our body temperature. Water is essential attribute to support this temperature regulation mechanism.

·         Breathing- Water plays a vital role in distributing oxygen to all body parts and collecting carbon dioxide from all these parts.

·         Boosts Metabolism- Water carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones all across the body and serves as a medium of toxin, dead cell, and waste material removal. Its involvement in waste removal and nutrient absorption enhances body's metabolism activities.

·         Helps in Prevention and Removal of Kidney Stones- The International Kidney Stone Institute suggests that consumption of 10 glasses of water every day prevents the formation of kidney stones. Water is considered as one of the solvents, and this property averts the accumulation of salts and minerals. As a result, kidney stays clean and sans stone.

·         Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases- Water is said to maintain the required viscosity of blood and plasma and hence prevents cardiovascular disorders to a large degree.

·         Nursing Mothers and Pregnant Women- A fetus develops in a pregnant woman's womb through the resources of mother's body. The nutrients and other factors needed for fetus growth get transferred through the water. Common pregnancy problems like bladder infections, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. can be avoided by drinking sufficient water every day.

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