Tuesday, 24 July 2018

4 Simple Speech Therapy Activities For Adults

Are you anxious about socializing because of the persistence of unfortunate speech difficulty? Well, it is time to put a full stop to this stressful condition. The good news is, there are some simple speech therapy activities, designed for adults to help them communicate, think and safely eat and drink.
Hence, now you need not worry about hanging out with your peers and loved ones. This is a list of simple speech activities, which will help you regain your lost confidence –

1.       Picture dictionaries
Sneak back into your childhood with colorful pictures and images. Adding a rainbow of motivation and entertainment in your daily life! Picture dictionaries help you improve your speech and have fun at the same time. They use photographs or illustrations in defining, interpreting, and explaining both simple and complex words.

If your reading ability is impaired, this can be the ideal way to practice speech sounds. Many picture dictionaries are also available in more than one languages. This can thus prove to be a very handy tool for the bilingual people to boost their speech.

2.       Reading practice with simple stories

Do you remember the stories you read out to your children or grandchildren? How simple yet interesting they were, weren’t they? Well, they can come to your aid to have an improved speech. Short stories presented in a clear, interesting, and simple format, help adults regain their reading and speech skills in no time.

Less vocabulary allows you to concentrate on basic sounds and patterns of every single word in the story. Speech disorder therapy for adults in Dubai and elsewhere, specifically designs reading material for the purpose of therapy.

3.       Video Assistance

Want to bring some life to your language? Taking it one step ahead, using videos is an interactive aid that acts as a therapy, helping the adults to strengthen their understanding. A patient is encouraged to watch the video and repeat the words or sentences shown in it.

This also boosts the conversational skills of the patient and recover him in a faster way. Many user-friendly mobile apps help break down the difficult words or phrases and into helpful little videos.

4.       Word puzzles and Games

what better way to achieve your skills and self-confidence than with the help and support of your friends and family? Word puzzles and games, acting like a speech therapy, ensure the participation of your loved ones in the therapy. This makes your mammoth mission seem like a cheerful and inspiring task.

Word puzzles help visualize words, thus improving your memory and retrieval in speech. Games specifically geared towards adult speech practice, benefit the patient in the longer term.

“The girl wore her hair tied in two braids, tied in two blue bows.” Yes, once you follow these tips, you will even be able to say such sentences without any hassle.


Speech therapy is not only associated with children’s disorders but also caters to the language and speech challenges in the people of all ages. Regular practice of trouble-free and interesting tips that you can execute at home, will help you shrug off your fears and apprehensions.

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