Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Top 3 Reasons To Plan Your Retirement In Canada

Are you craving an escape from the rush and roar of the city? A place, in the lap of nature, where you can live peacefully with your soulmate. Well, then look no further. ‘Canada’ is the place for you! A comfortable retirement destination, Canada has much more to offer than just sun and surf.
Calm and safety are the supreme in Canada. Here is a list of top reasons to choose Canada as your retirement destination –

1.       Lower cost of living

You surely don’t want to spend your entire life savings on buying a comfortable house for you. Dreaming of living in a house in the mountains, without having to spend a large amount? Canada has got you covered. Without having to stress much about your residence or expenses, you are good to go here.

Real estate is quite reasonable and affordable in Canada. The best thing about it is that even the non-residents can buy a property here. Also, the process to purchase property is relatively straightforward and the banking system is also stable to help every individual.

Now, turn your dream into a reality and live in the most picturesque locations in a laid-back country!

2.       Universal Healthcare

As a retiree, healthcare is of prime importance. You have been saving a big chunk of money for your health expenses, haven’t you? Worry not, because healthcare in Canada is at its best and also very cheap.

Affordable healthcare for one and all are available in the country. You also can enjoy different benefits if you apply for a permanent residency. Canada immigration from Qatar and elsewhere thus can prove beneficial in the long run too. Seniors who are considered having a ‘low income’, get a complete waiver on showing the prescription of drugs.

Aren’t the perks so amazing that you feel like immediately shifting there?

3.       Proximity to the United States of America

Need a little break from the silent, serene life? Are you yearning of splurging your hard-earned money on shopping and food and drinks? Well, then just hop over to the next land and you have arrived at the perfect destination.

Living close to the USA comes with its own benefits and convenience. You have an entire hub of technology, fashion, food, and health at your nearest disposal. With lenient immigration norms, crossing the borders has become faster and easier.

Aren’t you already dreaming of a beautiful relaxed life in the ‘maple country’?


Having a socially progressive and efficient government, Canada is an outstanding option for planning your retirement. Don’t wait up and start with your immigration process today itself. Fetch a credible agent and fly your way to the ‘perfect retirement’.

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