Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Hottest Fashion Trends in 2018 You Should Know About

It is a part and parcel of the fashion industry to look out for new trends and styles. The fashion business is cutting edge with bold and trendy embellishments in the year 2018. With ‘blood red’ being the new black, armpit hair making a statement, printed eyelashes, and boyfriend jeans being donned on, we can definitely say that 2018 is full of funky styles and carrying the same with comfort.
So, wear that neon tank-top and your biggest hoops, and rock these fashion trends in the year 2018 –

1.       Waist Belts

It doesn’t matter what kinds of belts. Belts reflect the nostalgia of the nineties and blende beautifully with any outfit. Now, you don’t have to think twice before wearing a belt even on a flower print sundress or with a classy A-line skirt.

Belt jackets, sling belts, and cowboy belts have found their way back to the luxury dress collection in Dubai and elsewhere. Well, you can also try out DIY belt designs, made up of sea-shells, old coins, or fresh leaves and flowers. Jazz up any outfit with a trendy belt and walk with your chin up!

2.       Off-shoulders

Call it backlash, yet again? Well, the oh-so-popular trend of the off-shoulders has found its way back to the wardrobe. You can flaunt an off-shoulder top, blouse or a dress, suiting to any party, family function, or a casual coffee-date with your girls.
A white off-shoulder blouse on a turquoise colored skirt, or a plain black off-shoulder dress, can make you shine out in the crowd. Pair it up with a funky choker or shimmery dangling earrings, and you are good to go.

3.       Pastels

It is the season of a palette of classy creams and pastels. With neon and vibrant colors making a statement, soft pastels are not behind. With plain and minimalistic clothing, you can look elegant and gorgeous wearing pastels.

May it be a formal meeting, a tea-party, or a romantic lunch date, pastels will prove to be on point. Pastels are dominating in outfits, handbags, shoes, and accessories. Lemon, lilac, purple, lavender are the vintage colors that are here to stay.

Along with these fashion trends, fringes, shimmery or sequined, and polka dot patterns are something which your wardrobe should not miss out from.


Itching to pick up some now? Well, these micro trends are glistening around the globe and calling out to everyone. Be bold, be different, be comfortable, and carry it all with your own panache!

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