Thursday, 12 July 2018

A Wave of Second Passport Applications in Dubai

You too are waiting in the queue, aren’t you? There is a surge in the applicants of a second passport in Dubai and UAE in the last two to five years.

“We have never seen crowds thronged in our offices for the purpose of a second passport”, are the words of all the immigration consultants and passport companies.

The sudden fall in the prices, coupled with the current political and economic complications, has led more people getting attracted towards the concept of owning a second passport. The Arab families are signing up a risky deal, to protect their families, wealth, and quality life. The concept of a second passport also adds up to other benefits like – Visa-free travel to many countries, Economic benefits, increased investments in the other parts of the world, and a multi-ethnic and cultural experience.

The lax immigration rules and regulations have made this seem like an easily accessible process. Countries around the globe have also started welcoming people with open arms. The security the citizenship applicants have for the programs that they apply is that they do not have to pay a large sum of investment unless the citizenship is approved. Many agents have adopted slack measures and are accepting payments in installments. The banks in these countries are also providing the necessary finances to aid the process.

The majority of applicants are businessmen or traders, who are seeking economic benefits by applying for a second passport. With an unrest in their home countries, their business has gone for a toss. Hence, the reason for the application. It is a full-proof package to expand their business, secure their family’s future, and protect their finances.

Having a second passport opens up a world of opportunities for you and your family. You can enjoy a higher standard of life, which might not be offered by your home country. Thus, you can sit back and relax knowing that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and happy! The benefits of owning a second passport will outweigh the efforts taken to obtain it.

So, get going. Apply faster and move towards your dream home! 

The application surge thus can be justified.

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