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Aiming to fly to your dream place, the United States? Well, settlement in the USA is just a step away with the EB-5 visa. However, have you heard about the reforms made in the process of EB-5? Well, new provisions have been introduced which dramatically affect the EB-5 industry.  
Here are the top 3 highlights of the EB-5 visa reforms –  

Increased Minimum Investment Levels ture
 monetary planning. The price increase is gradual, giving the market some time to adapt to it. 
The minimum investment has been altered depending upon the type and location of the immigrant investor’s projects. It is applicable primarily to the capital investment located in the rural or urban investment areas.  
The qualifying amount will be adjusted every three years. Hence, you should choose a credible immigration agent to brief you on the same. US EB-5 program in Kuwait and elsewhere, holds educational sessions for the prospects, explaining the increase in the minimum investment levels. 

  1. Job Creation 
Have no worries. Instead, start working towards building your profile stronger to acquire a respectable working position in the United States. 
The current job requirements have been modified by the US economy and include a lot of new rules. It increases the job creation requirement to 12 US employees, and 9 of the same for capital investment projects in the priority urban investment areas.  
So, design interesting proposals and work towards the growth of your business. Time to buckle up! 

  1. Reserved and Unused Visas 
Want your process to get approved at a lightning speed? Well, then where you invest might lead you to the same. Think, think! 
The EB-5 reform act provides a portion of visas to be reserved for a specific type of immigrants. The immigrants who invest in the rural or priority urban investment areas, benefit from the reservations. Any of the visas that go unused in a specific year are made available to the investors in the coming years. 
Investing the right amount, in the right place, might actually take you a step closer to your EB-5 visa approval. So be smart and invest smartly. 

Do not be nervous about the changed set of rules and regulations. Read these top 3 points, and you are good to go!  

For the sake of hassle-free and a happy experience of the US EB-5, you need to make sure that you are hiring a reliable immigration consultant. The agent will make your process a relaxed ride.  

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