Thursday, 9 August 2018

Top Types Of Dental Crowns You Need To Know

    With the advancements in the field of dentistry, new techniques and treatments have proven to be a marvel for one and all. Cosmetic dentistry is one such branch that delivers beautiful smiles and confidence to the patients. Cosmetic dentistry in Dubai and elsewhere has progressed to the level that it instills a new faith in the lives of its patients. Dental crowns are one such treatment that is included in this vast field.

    You might have heard of a dental cap, right? Well, dental crown and caps are one and the same. Want to get rid of a damaged, misplaced, or broken tooth? Dental crowns have got you covered!
A dental cap is a fixed prosthetic object that is cemented onto a tooth. It reinforces the structure of the tooth while helping to deliver a natural and beautiful smile. Crowns are made by taking an impression or a mold of the tooth they will be placed at. Hence, a number of factors need to be evaluated before you actually decide for a crown for your teeth.

    Wondering what next? Considering the types of crown available, you need to careful while choosing the one that best suits your situation. Here is a list of top types of dental crowns –

1    1. All Ceramic

    Want a natural looking crown, that fits easily with your other teeth? Well, the ceramic or porcelain crowns are the ones you are looking for.

    Made from pure ceramic, this has the most attractive appearance. Because of the natural color of ceramic, they blend beautifully with the original teeth and give away a perfect smile. They are less robust than the metal crowns. However, don’t you worry because ceramic crowns are also long-lasting. 
    Being highly aesthetic in nature, they are resistant to stains and blemishes. Having said that, they remain vibrant and oh-so-natural for a lifetime. They also aid in restoring your chewing and biting skills so as to eat in a better manner.

2    2. All Metal

    Don’t panic or be worried at the thought of having a metal inside your mouth. The process is safe and convenient, even more than you can imagine of.

    This type of crown is made up of metals or alloys consisting of gold, palladium, nickel, or chromium. How cool is that? They are an excellent choice to withstand heavy chewing forces. So, now need to bid a farewell to pizza! They are composite crowns made of strong metals and thus are of the most durable type.

    However, the metal caps cannot promise you a natural and authentic look. The metal cap distinguishes from your original teeth. But who cares, right? You have a sturdy, permanent restoration, so you are good to go!

Compare the strength, durability, and appearance of each crown and then make an informed decision.


    Now is the time to say a goodbye to shying away. Be confident, smile more, interact easily, only with – cosmetic dentistry procedures! Smile all the way!